Capture Those Emotional Photos Before, During and After the Proposal.

Planning a proposal photo shoot can feel daunting and overwhelming. From finding the perfect photographer to choosing the right location and posing for the ideal moment, this guide will provide step-by-step tips on how to plan a surprise proposal photography session that captures all the special moments leading up to your big question.

Good proposal photography is all about capturing the raw emotion in those before, during and after moments. Before the big moment, your photographer should be able to capture some candid shots of your partner not knowing what will happen. During the proposal, you’ll want to make sure the photographer gets creative photos that immortalize your partner’s reaction with tears and laughter! Lastly, afterwards you can plan for some romantic couples shots that show how truly in love you two are.

If you’re really looking for that perfect proposal photo album, consider using a drone to capture your entire experience. Drones can help get the aerial shot of your partner with the sunset in the background, or when they’re walking along holding hands and laughing. High up overlooking shots will help to forever keep that special moment imprinted into a photo you’ll have for years! Whatever type of photographer you use, make sure they understand what kind of photos you are looking for and can capture all the love, emotion and joy when your partner says yes!